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I build websites that work and look great.


Using top level tools for creating easy to manage and simple to shop online stores. Tailor made e-commerce that fits the size of your business.

Responsive Design

Building modern websites that look great from any device. Making sure your website has fast loading time and clean, SEO friendly code.

Web Security

Any website needs a good support system. Protected content to make sure your web site is up and running 100% of the time.


Check out some of my latest projects.

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Client Side Programming


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Gabi Klaf

Personal Blog and E-commerce

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Start-up Company Website

About Me

Who am I? Why am I? Get to know me.

  • My name is Dafna

    I'm a thirty-something web developer from Israel. I live in Yahel, in the southern area of Israel with a dog, a cat, a husband and a few hens.

  • I am a Web Developer

    My realm of programming includes an abundant of client-side with a sprinkling of server side. I have been working with wordpress almost since it's first days out there and have experience writing cross-platforms marketing emails and landing pages.

  • I love the desert

    I live in the heart of a sprawling desert with a view as far as the eye can see. This region has approx 4000 residents spread over 54 thousand acres. I recommend you take a look

  • I am
    for new work!

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